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Mailing Lists

Reach new customers today with a laser-targeted mailing list.

Mailing ListsMailing lists are one the key strategies used by the top businesses to reach new or potential markets. Using laser-targeted lists can better deliver new customers that are more likely to not only buy your products or services, but also keep coming back again and again. At Datamasters, we use only the best market intelligence software available and can precisely target your demographic.

Direct mail, using mailing lists, is still one of the best way to drive traffic to your business.

How are our mailing lists different?

Software is wonderful if you know how to use it. Self-serve data providers that let you compile and purchase your lists are not doing you any favors. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know what to search for?
  • Can you find your precise target market using the proper keywords?
  • Do you know which selectors to filter by?

Our professionals will talk to you and better understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you want the best results possible, don’t leave it up to a point-and-click system. We can compile your mailing lists today!

Call the professionals at for the best performing mailing lists that deliver results.

Mailing Lists - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of mailing list do I need?
There are many types of mailing lists that target specific demographics to better reach your target audience. We offer postal mailing lists, email lists and phone number lists that can be laser-targeted to your desired prospect.
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2. Who is my target market or demographic?

Knowing whom to target is as important as your message. If you send a mailer about the latest hearing aids to a list of 20-year-olds, odds are you would not get a good response. In many cases, it is obvious who your target market or demographic may be, but do you know all the factors involved? We do!
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3. What mailing list data variables are available?

Data variables help you pinpoint your exact demographic and make your mailing list more accurate, which in turn delivers results. So what are some of those variables? Age, gender, geographical location and more, there are so many we need a page to tell you about them.
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